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2009-08-28 01:00:24   -   MSN and Ad Count Issues Fixed

We've fixed a major problem related to no MSN data being reported. Bing has been integrated and we are happy to report that it works well. 
We have also fixed ad count reporting for Altavista and Bing.


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2009-03-12 19:36:49   -   Pagerank + MSN Stats

We have fixed a problem with the Google pagerank metric. Pagerank will now show up fine, and also track the valid pagerank of a domain.  
Additionally, we have fixed a problem with the MSN metrics.  
Both of these stats will show up fine in tomorrow's lists (2009-03-13). 
Luc L.


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2008-12-13 23:35:33   -   Bigger and Better!

Exciting news! 
We've moved PremiumDrops and all sister services to a brand new data center. This means that things will run a lot faster and a lot better.  
It also opens the doors for many new features, as we have a quick connection and dozens of servers.  
Many features such as domain monitoring, auto-registration, watch lists, custom scanning and much more have been restored to a working order.  
A new set of features, and a new design are coming shortly. We're really excited about these features since they will ease the task of identifying quality domains, as well as open doors to new ways of finding domains in various extensions. 
Thank you to all of our customers who have stuck around during this long transition. We promise the wait will definitely pay off in the coming weeks! 
Luc Lezon


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2008-08-12 23:05:35   -   SnapNames Issues

It has come to our attention that SnapNames lists are incomplete or do not load. This is because SnapNames has been down and later failed to update the downloads.  
We expect everything to stabilize within the next 24-48 hours. 
Additionally, we are now going to provide pendingdelete lists from Verisign instead of the drop catchers which will result in no down time for PD and more domains.


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2008-03-18 16:11:48   -   ccTLD Zone Files

Good news! 
We're currently processing and extracting data for the following ccTLDs to compile internal zone files for our customers. 
More can be processed upon request so please don't hesitate to let us know what you're looking for ([email protected]). 
Thanks for your feedback so far! 
Luc L.


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2008-03-07 23:40:06   -   Major Updates Completed

We have completed major site updates. MANY new features have been added and many bugs addressed.  
A summary is provided below. 
- Added AltaVista metrics to all lists 
- Added Daily E-mail Notifications for All Lists 
- Added API to access our data 
- Added Data Feeds & MySQL Data Dumps 
- Added Ability to change any metric that exists in Watchlists or Custom scan by clicking on it. 
- Added/Fixed Custom List Scanning - Now you can scan your own domain lists for any metric and whois 
- Added/Fixed Doman Monitoring with FULL whois monitoring (including e-mail changes, contact changes, registrar changes,etc) 
- Added/Fixed Automatic Domain Registrations 
- Added Instant Registrations  
- Added Pool Auctions 
- Added eBay Auctions 
- Added/Fixed Zone Files and Daily Zone Changes 
- Added Graphic Pie to illustrate Daily Tasting & Domain Registrations 
- Added Auction Button, Backorder Button & Domain Registration Buttons 
- Added SSL support 
- Added Registration Page requiring credit card details 
- Added Buttons for Daily and All domains for each standard report 
- Added More Balloon help tips 
- Added PayPal Payment Support 
- Fixed Uploading of Large Files (5+megs) for Custom/Private Scans 
- Fixed Sorting Issue on Numeric Fields 
- Fixed Javascript Errors 
- Fixed Type-ins Report 
- Fixed Alerts 
- Fixed Columns 
- Fixed Notes 
- Fixed Filters 
- Fixed Watchlist 
- Fixed Billing/Subscription Pages 
- Fixed Exporting on Internet Explorer 
- Fixed DRT Format Exporting 
- Fixed Sitemap 
- Enhanced Page Numbering 
- Updated Menus 
- Removed Info Whois checking Support (captcha) 
Thanks for using PremiumDrops and remember to report bugs and feature suggestions to us!


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2008-02-09 23:43:16   -   BIG Update

Hi Guys, 
As you can probably tell, there have been some major updates to this site and there is still a lot of work.  
All lists will now provide more detailed and user friendly results. There are a ton of new metrics being analyzed, many of which are hidden because there is not enough space on the screen to display them, so customize your columns to show whatever you want.  
Things that are currently being worked on: 
- Custom list scanning. This feature doesn't work now but will within the next 24 hours. 
- Searching, does not work at all 
- Domain details sucks 
- Watch list sucks and it's broken 
- Some weird metrics show up for Google/MSN TP/ATP and advertisers 
- Some zone file links don't work 
- Filters are buggy 
- Lots of little bigs  
All these issues are being worked on NOW and should be resolved within the next 48 hours.  
Thanks for sticking around, and visit often as we're constantly adding new featuers and fixing bugs.  
Hopefully by sometime mid next week the site will be 95% done (which is the closest it can get to being done ;) 


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2008-01-08 22:14:32   -   Fixed reporting issue

I've fixed a bug that generated bad metrics in quite a few domains. Also, in the process of fixing the Available lists. Lots of new features are in the works for 2008 so stay tuned and as always, thanks for your feedback and kind words.


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2007-11-05 13:58:28   -   New Hardware Installed

I've installed some new hardware into the primary database server (new drives). Why would you care? Because this will allow for new lists and for less problems with drives filling up. The hardware upgrade broke the availability list today but all should work perfectly tomorrow.

Lots of new lists and upgrades in the works so stay tuned.
Thanks for using our service!


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2007-10-22 15:21:47   -   List Issues

The server ran out of disk space over the weekend, so none of the lists were posted.

I cleared some files and ordered a new drive to take care of this. Lists will begin processing shortly but the next update will not be until tomorrow (2007-10-23). Thanks to all those who notified me.


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2007-09-03 02:40:42   -   Available Lists

Available lists have been busted for a few days but they are now getting re-populated. Drives filled up again. Please allow up to 5 days for the lists to fully re-populate, though you will see more and more available domains daily. The 2007-08-02 Available list (available from domain lists menu) should produce about 126,000 available domains, so if you need something now feel free to utilize that list. I will also be making .com/.net/.org zone files freely downloadable with daily updates.


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2007-08-05 13:09:16   -   Server Move in Progress

Lists will be broken for 1-3 days while I move the databases (they are very large so it takes a while for them to populate) from my current hosting facility to owned servers at Level3. When this is done many things should run a lot smoother and faster. Please be patient. Thanks!


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2007-07-24 18:23:32   -   Repairs Completed

All lists should now generate a lot more domains.

The only thing left to fix is the the invalid numbers on the adult/pagerank reports from the "precompiled" section.

Let me know if you guys find any other problems or things which may require my attention. If you don't communicate problems they will never get fixed, so please tell me!

Luc L.


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2007-07-23 11:07:51   -   Repairs in Progress

I'm fixing up some things, main problem with the lists being so small recently is because Google PR checking no longer works, and when the lists get moved from one database to the other, the domains with unknown PR didn't get moved, this is being fixed.

Also, the local PremiumDrops database is over 200GB now and the server keeps on running out of space. Need to cleanup the database files and with a DB of this size it tends to take a while to run even the most basic operation.

Tasting with our partner is still on pause, but tasting with our eNom account still works (though I understand there is a lot of people using it so it tends to always say "Maxed out").

Just wanted to update you guys, by tomorrow (Tuesday) the lists should be much bigger and things run faster. I'm also getting a few new servers for PD and putting them up at a colocated L3 facility so that things run better, that won't happen for at least a week or two.

Thanks for sticking around and using the service, good things are in the works!


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2007-06-09 14:46:37   -   Back in action

The service is back in full swing. It may take a day or two for the servers to catch up with the lists but things should work well. Reports any bugs you may find!


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2007-06-04 14:58:50   -   Temporary Outage

The new DB updates introduced some problems. This is why the service has been kinda flaky lately. This is in the process of being fixed. Sorry!


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2007-05-31 19:12:24   -   Blazing Fast

Database update completed. Lists should now load blazing fast.

There is a database backup scheduled for 2007-05-31 between 9 PM and 11 PM USC. The service will not be available during this time.


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2007-05-31 12:36:46   -   DB Re-pop

The database is getting re-populated so there will be little to no results for the next two hours or so. After that's done things should run a lot faster.


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2007-05-31 12:05:02   -   Improved Speed

As you may have noticed, there have been a lot of "Database Upgrade in progress" messages lately. That's because we've been updating the database. You should notice a significant difference in list load times now. Enjoy!


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2007-04-24 22:12:54   -   New Auctions Lists

We've added several new auction listings and combined all auction sites (including Sedo) into a single list.

So, now SnapNames, eNom, Tucows, Sedo and GoDaddy domain auctions are in one list which can be sorted by auction end date, bids, bidders, etc. Remember, SnapNames does not provide bidder details (how many bidders) so sorting by that will leave all SnapNames names at the bottom.

The lists are now updated to the PD DB every 3 hours plus at 11:20 just like before. This means that all lists are updated throughout the day, most important on the available list.

More features in the works...


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2007-04-20 10:39:21   -   More new tools!

As you can probably see, we've put up a bunch of new features including a typo generator, bulk overture checker, bulk availability checker and a few domain/list cleaning tools.

Check these out and let us know what you think. Send us your recommendations and feature requests as well!


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2007-04-15 17:27:12   -   Scan Custom Domain Lists

Now you can scan custom domain name lists for all metrics that are available on our site (linkpop, pagerank, alexa, whois, etc).

Our scan bots run on our powerful servers and can process domains much quicker than desktop based tools.

As always, all results are provided in every format (Text, CSV, XML, E-mail and DRT) and can be sorted and filtered on PremiumDrops or using your favorite list editor.


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2007-04-15 02:06:27   -   Auto-Register Feature Now Available on Domain Monitoring

The auto-register feature is now available on ALL domain monitoring submissions. If enabled, we will attempt to register your domain name several times per second, every minute, every hour, 24/7/356. Price is only $7.77 per successful auto-registration and you only pay if we get the name.


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2007-04-15 00:07:04   -   Affiliate Program Launched

Our affiliate program is now ready. Although we do not yet charge for our service, we may eventually convert to a paid subscription site.

We're now giving all active users the ability to promote our site, refer new free members and when we do convert to a paid subscription site you will receive credit for all converted subscriptions. On top of that, you will receive a recurring commission each time any membership you referred is renewed.

We offer a very fair 50% payout, never ending cookies and PayPal and wire payments.

More information available here.


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2007-04-13 17:13:03   -   Available Domains Now Added

We're now scanning daily dropped (and available) domains (~100-500/day) pulled and parsed from (thanks for providing these great lists Andrew!).

These domains were available at the time of our metric scan.


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2007-04-13 17:02:26   -   New Monitoring E-mail

All monitoring e-mail alerts are now sent from [email protected] Please make sure this e-mail address is added to your "ok" spam list so that you receive whois alerts.


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2007-04-11 19:59:47   -   Domain Monitoring Fixed.

We've fixed a problem with domain monitoring that resulted in too many alerts being sent. This was caused by the registry connection timing out. You will now receive alerts only when an actual change occurs.


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2007-04-10 14:51:44   -   Free Domain Monitoring

We now offer a free domain monitoring feature for .com/.net domain names. Receive alerts the minute your domains change registrar, status, expirdation/creation/update date or name servers.

We monitor 500 domains per second to ensure you're alerted of changes as they occur at the registry level.

This feature was added as requested by our customers, keep the suggestions coming!


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2007-04-04 14:49:06   -   Free Domain Tasting

We now offer 100% free no risk domain tasting. You don't pay a penny until you are ready to take ownership of the domain name.

Domains are registered instantly and parking stats are updated hourly on Private, secure and extremely convenient.


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2007-03-22 15:47:11   -   Search is ready.

Our new search engine is now functional.


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2007-03-18 15:54:34   -   Whois data added to results.

Whois data including creation,expiration,update,nameserver,registrar and age have been added to all reports as new metrics.

Whois data should help in determining the previous registrar, use as well as age of a domain name.


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