Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How much does cost?
A. Subscription price may vary based on subscription type and referral user. Please see the billing section in your account for subscription information.
Q. How often are the lists updated and when does the updating start?
A. All lists begin updating at midnight (00:00 AM) US Central Time. Some lists (such as daily zone changes) may take up to two hours (2 AM) before they are fully updated. Database dumps are performed at 6 AM.
Q. The server is a bit slow around midnight and a few hours into the early morning, why?
A. That's when we perform large list processing. 12AM USC - 3 AM USC the primary PD server will be slower than usual.
Q. Where can I learn more about the domain drop business?
A. Read our domain terms guide for some detailed and easy to understand information.
Q. Can I distribute, resell or use the lists on my own sites?
A. You may not use these lists without our permission. We do however offer live FTP and XML feeds free of charge to trusted partners. Contact us to inquire about our API.