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We analyze millions of active, auction, pre-release, expiring and expired domain names every day and make available domain information that helps our clients find domains worth acquiring.

We also provide provide free domain monitoring and auto-registration. Monitor your portfolio for contact, e-mail, DNS, registrar,status changes and hijacking or a domain you want to grab. Any domain we auto-register costs only $9.99

The following metrics are available for all lists provided on our site:

  • Google™ Pagerank [?]
  • Type-in Rank (Overture™ TLD score) [?]
  • Term Popularity (Overture™ term score) [?]
  • Google™ Link Popularity [?]
  • Google Term Popularity & Google Actual Term Popularity [?]
  • Google Term Advertisers [?]
  • MSN™ Term Popularity & MSN Actual Term Popularity [?]
  • MSN™ Term Advertisers [?]
  • AltaVista™ Link Popularity [?]
  • AltaVista™ Link Saturation [?]
  • AltaVista Term Popularity & AltaVista Actual Term Popularity [?]
  • AltaVista Term Advertisers [?]
  • Alexa™ Link Popularity [?]
  • Alexa™ Traffic Rank [?]
  • Wayback Records [?]
  • Wayback Age [?]
  • Whois Creation/Expiration/Update dates [?]
  • Whois Nameservers / Registrars [?]
  • Dmoz Directory Listing [?]
  • Dictionary (English, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian) and Adult Domains [?]
  • Three and Four Character Domains [?]
  • All Domains on Auction including SnapNames, GoDaddy, Sedo [?]
  • All bids, bidders, bin and auction end dates for auctioned domains updated hourly [?]

All Lists are available in the following formats:

  • HTML
  • CSV / Excel
  • Text (tab delimited)
  • XML
  • Automated E-Mail Delivery
  • Domain Research Tool Format (.drt)

Now, with new advanced filtering features so you find domains that match your criteria:

  • Automatically filter all lists by keywords. Up to 1,000 custom keywords!
  • Keep your keywords organized in up to 10 keyword sets.
  • Automatically filter all lists by TLD, length, hyphen, digit.
  • Automatically filter all lists by minimum metrics (ex: minimum domain age = 5, pr=3).

All lists are generated continuously, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This service is made available by Lezon.NET and DNForum.com. Enjoy and don't forget to bookmark us!

What type of domains do we analyze?

The following lists are currently being analyzed for metrics and made available to everyone free of charge:

  • PendingDelete - Domains dropping within the next 5 days
  • SnapNames™ Exclusive Drops - Domains dropping within the next 5 days and guaranteed to go to SnapNames.
  • NameJet™ Pre-Release - Expired NameJet partner (Network Solutions, etc) domains that are guaranteed to go to NameJet.
  • SnapNames™ Auctions - Dropped domain names currently in SnapNames auction.
  • GoDaddy™ Auctions - Dropped & Publicly Auctioned GoDaddy domain names.
  • Pool™ Auctions - Dropped & Publicly Auctioned Pool domain names.
  • Sedo™ Auctions - Public Sedo domain name auctions.
  • eBay™ Auctions - Domains in the eBay 'Domain Names' category with full bid, bidders and end data.
  • Redemption Period - Expired domain names dropping within 31 days.
  • Registrar Hold - Expired domain names dropping within 37 to 82 days.
  • Dropped - Domains which have at some point dropped and may still be available.
  • Dropping Tomorrow - Domains which are scheduled to drop tomorrow.
  • Unexpected Drops - Domains which have been force deleted (tasted, TMs, etc)
  • Dictionary Domain Names - All lists have a Dictionary subcategory.
  • Adult Domain Names - All lists have an Adult subcategory.
  • Also, raw lists (not scanned for metrics but available in text format):
    • Daily zone file difference
    • Newly registered domains

Daily Domain Statistics
Total Registered:
Dropped Yesterday:
Dropping Tomorrow:
Dropping Today:
Snap Pre-release:
NameJet Pre-release:
Snap Auctions:
GoDaddy Auctions:
Pool Auctions:
Sedo Auctions:
All Active Auctions:
Ending Today Auctions:
Available Now:
IMPORTANT: The above lists contain only today's new additions. This is done to ensure that you don't waste time looking over the same domains.
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Disclaimer: We are not associated with Google, MSN, Overture, Alexa, SnapNames or any other search engine or directory mentioned on this site. All lists are provided AS IS.